Amazon Kindle Fire: A Better Choice

Amazon Kindle Fire seven-inch touchscreen color life presents a different view to more than eighteen million the amount of media that include newspapers, movies, magazines, apps, TV shows, and games.

Amazon Kindle Fire has eight GB of internal storage. This amount of storage can hold about eighty applications and also about 800 songs, ten movies, or six thousand books. It also has unlimited Amazon Cloud storage. A nerd would be happy version of the Kindle. You can find amazon fire tv via

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Amazon Kindle Fire battery life running for about seven to eight hours. Even if the battery life is not comparable to the Kindle version of the other, they can allow you to do the reading continuously for about eight hours. Or, watch the video for about seven hours before charging.

Amazon Kindle Fire runs on Android procedure. This means you will have more than 200,000 apps accessible for download. The iPad has more than twice as many applications provided are available.

However, you will be able to download content over 100,000 movies and television shows, games, millions of e-books, and more than 17 million songs. Amazon also offers a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime which gives you discounts on shipping and free streaming of thousands of movies and television shows.