Essential Spray Tan Tips for Best Spray Tans

Here are plenty of tan tips to ensure that you will get great tan. Below are very important points to ensure that your tan does not only start well but stays good for a long time.

1. Prepare your skin well. That means – exfoliate. If the skin has a buildup of dead skin cells and dirt, the solution won't work even and more importantly – the natural exfoliation process will occur in various stages which results in uneven tanning. You can find spray tan salon through

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2. Shave or wax the day before spraying tanning. After the tan turns on, you don't have to shave and it's definitely not a candle. One of them will remove some of your top skin cells and release your tan.

3. Choose the tan spray color to complement your skin type. If you are very pale and want to turn dark brown, chances are you will turn dark orange. Your skin cannot handle it. Go for the brightest colors.  Light skin types – light brown, medium skin colors – light brown or medium, dark skin types – light brown, medium or dark.

4. Save the palms and soles of your feet so they do not turn brown. Sticky feet and barrier cream coatings on all your nails and palms will stop the skin and nails from absorbing the tanning spray solution and turning brown. We recommend placing a barrier cream on the knees, elbows, and ankles to slow down the absorption of the solution because the area usually becomes too dark.