The Difference Between Real Estate and Stock Exchange



One of the best and most popular ways of earning an extra-steady income is by investing in stock exchange and real estate. Investing in real estate involves investing in a physical property or a tangible land such as a building, structure, shopping malls, retail stores etc. While investing in stock exchange involves investing in a popular company’s shares in order to claim a small piece of profit. Let’s look at some of the differences between the two.

  1. Stock Exchange –When compared between the 2, investing in stock exchange is little bit easier and has less stress. For instance, investing in stock exchange only requires your knowledge about the stocks, your smartphone or laptop and an internet connection. Once you invest online, the third-parties will handle the transaction. Therefore, there’s no physical work involved in it. The biggest downside is that, there’s no guarantee as to how the stock will behave which can be frustrating for some. However, the advantage here is that the stocks can be sold and then purchased quickly.
  2. Real Estate Investment –A property can be seen, felt and touched while investing. This is the reason that makes real estate investment shine. Plus, the value of the property also increases over time. There are 2 kinds of real estate property; residential and commercial. Residential property has one purpose; that is to live while commercial property has its own purpose; that is to earn profit. The example of residential property is an apartment, house, etc while retail stores, offices etc are the examples of commercial property. The difference between the 2 is that residential property offers steady income while commercial property helps you to earn bigger profit depending on the location.

At the end, investing in real estate is more legit due to majority of benefits offered.Therefore, it is best to hire property lawyers from Melbourne or other parts of Australia.