Why You Need To Optimise Your Facebook Pages

Owing to the fact that Facebook is by far the most prominent and the most popular social network, and the fact that it is getting more and more popular each and every day, your business should definitely benefit from this social network. Did you know that Facebook has reached a number that nobody thought possible – one billion users? The big B was reached in October of 2012, and this number has continued to grow ever since. Therefore, it is only logical that Facebook is very important to include in your Internet marketing strategy. What’s more, it is also very important to think about how you should plan your SEO strategy and how you should include Facebook in all your SEO efforts. Here, you will be able to read about some of the most useful SEO tips for Facebook pages provided by Iain King from a leading SEO agency in Aberdeen.

Name Your Facebook Page Wisely

The first thing to think about when it comes to SEO for your Facebook page is the name of your page. The best practice to adopt here is to name your Facebook page in the same way you named your website. This name should either be the name of your company, the name of your flagship product or service, or a name that has a lot to do with your line of business. For example, you can have a company that deals with selling flowers, so it is only natural that the company name, as well as the name of your official website, has to do with flowers.

Web Content for Your Facebook Page

Even though few people are aware of this, the fact is that your Facebook page, or rather the ‘About’ section, needs to feature relevant and well-optimized content. This is very important for your SEO efforts, as search engines will determine what your Facebook page is about by looking at this section. Aside from this, featuring relevant keywords on your Facebook page will coincide with the keywords you are using for your official website, making your whole SEO campaign consistent and worthwhile.

Choose a Vanity URL

The next step is crucial, but you can complete this step only after your Facebook page gets 25 likes. Namely, after you have proven to Facebook that you are worthy of their attention by getting 25 likes, they will automatically give you the chance to choose a vanity URL for your page. The best scenario here is that the name of your page is the same as your vanity URL, but there are cases in which the name of your page has already been claimed by someone else, and that particular URL already exists. If this is the case, then you should again choose a URL that has to do with your line of business.

Phone Number and Address

By providing your Facebook fans and random page visitors with your business address and phone number, you are automatically making sure that your Facebook page gets listed in local search results, and this is something that is getting more and more important by the hour.