What is Orange Wine?


The word ‘Orange Wine’ is all about the production process. It is nothing to do with using orange fruit where the technical term for this wine is called as skin-contact wine.

Skin-contract wine is a white wine made out of different varieties of white grapes that varies. The color of skin-contract wine depends on the duration of the juice being fermented with the skin of the grape, owing to which, the color of this wine ranges from yellow to golden to bright orange.

This wine is not something new. In fact, this wine existed around 1000 years ago and was highly popular in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

How Does It Taste like? –When it comes to tasting this wine, it is all about experiments. Since this wine is not made of specific type of grape, the flavor will be different. Pinot Grigio variety is the one you should try out. The taste ranges from sweet to bruised apple to intense flavors coming off of a jackfruit. The skin-contract wine is similar to a white wine when it comes to tasting. They are usually described as full-bodied as it provides depth of flavors due to high content of tannins present.

What about its Pairing? –When you’re having your meal, then you’ll be glad to hear that this wine pairs really well. Strong cheeses will taste wonderful with this wine. And if you like spicy food, then this wine will certainly give a depth of flavors especially to Ethiopian, Persian and Indian Cuisine.

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