The Ever Popular Nurse Midwife

Up until about the 20th century, a midwife was the only person you would even consider having helped with your childbirth. Midwives were seen as healers and helped with a great deal more than just delivering babies.

But as medicine became more modern, surgeons began to state that their scientific techniques were superior and much healthier and safer for mothers giving birth. Doctors wanted all the obstetrical care for themselves and soon people were forbidden to practice midwifery in some states.

These days, restrictions are slowly being lifted from midwives around the country, and more and more people are looking into midwifery as a career choice. If you want to know more about a midwife, then you can also visit

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There are several different types of a midwife. The most recognized is the nurse midwife. A nurse midwife is someone who has studied nursing as well as midwifery. Often these professionals have also completed their master’s degree in nursing, midwifery, or public health.

Depending on the state they are licensed as advanced practiced nurses or nurse midwives. Generally, nurse midwives work in hospitals, clinics, and private offices. At this time, about two percent of all nurse midwives are men.

There are also direct-entry midwives. These midwives did not have a nursing education and have studied midwifery through apprenticeship, a private midwifery school, or a college/university specialty program.

A certified professional midwife, or a CPM, has been certified. This certification proves that the CPM has midwifery experience in settings outside of a hospital. There are only a bit more than 2000 CPMs practicing in the states today.