All About Metal Stamping System

System and procedure for metal stamping parts having tolerances under 1000 nanometers. The inventive system and procedure are especially suitable for producing optoelectronic components.

The system includes a metal stamping press and a development of metal stamping channels for encouraging a punch and die. If you want to learn more about Metal Stamping then you can visit the website

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The metal stamping channels are intended to maintain significant alignment of the punch and die with minimal moving parts. The metal stamping position includes a shaft for rigidly directing the punch into the die.

The metal stamping press is capable of supplying the punch with the essential force to execute the metal stamping operations. The system includes an interface system for interfacing the power of the media using the punch, while concurrently structurally decoupling the media from the punch.

The system also contains a finding sub-plate, for finding the metal stamping station in alignment relative to each other, and means for in-line machine inventory material before the entrance to the metal stamping stations.

Precision parts are needed in many applications, such as optical fiber based communication. Optical fiber based communication channels would be the system of choice in many defense and industrial applications due to their high performance and small size.