Colonial Mexico Homes for Sale

Those interested in buying a colonial Mexico home for sale will probably know of a handful of examples. Two markets worth considering are Mazatlan real estate on the Pacific Coast and Morelia real estate in the country's central highlands.

Each has its own kind of attractiveness, and the following is a brief comparison of the some of the main points defining the two to show some of the variety available. You can visit to know more about best buying property.

First of all, what the two share in common is that both offer beautiful colonial homes at excellent prices, modern services, excellent air access, a low cost of living and direct access to Mexico's rich history and culture. The two areas differ on the following points.

Beachfront vs. Lakefront

Mazatlan is famous and unique for being a classic, old colonial city directly on Mexico's beautiful Pacific beachfront. In addition to enjoying the charm of cobble-stone roads, local markets and centuries of history visible directly before your eyes, residents of Mazatlan can also enjoy all the benefits of a modern beachfront resort city – within blocks of each other.

Morelia is nowhere near an ocean, but within 30 minutes, there are 2 large, beautiful lakes. Many residents enjoy trips out to the lakes for camping, boating or just an afternoon picnic. The lakes are actually home to a number of old towns where buyers can consider homes, along with the beautiful, spacious lakefront cottages.


Since Mazatlan is on the Pacific Ocean, it tends to be fairly warm, all year round. Sunny days on the beach with a cold drink are a nice way to balance a colonial style lifestyle! Morelia and the surrounding area are also never cold in the way that people to the north would be used to, but the winter evenings do get chilly enough so residents can put on a sweater and light a fire in the fireplace (a nice feature to be found in some of the cottages.)