What Is the Best Mini Food Processor

Not everyone's kitchen needs the biggest of everything. Some big families may need a huge refrigerator and an additional freezer to go with it. Some families need a large microwave and some don't. The same thing is true about a food processor. Some families need a large, top of the line processor because they have a lot of food to prep and they will use it almost everyday.

For me, I don't need all of that. I have an average size refrigerator, no freezer and my microwave is small because that's all I need for my husband and me. I cook almost everyday, but I never really thought I even needed a food processor either. That was until I bought one.

Granted, I only bought a mini processor, but it has still been such a blessing to have in my kitchen. Even though I only need to prepare small amount of things for just the two of us, it still saves me time that I can spend doing other things. I love the way I wan wash the vegetables, snip of the ends and let the processor do the rest!

I found the mini processor I purchased at Luxury of the Pharaohs. It's works great for me now, but I have seriously considered investing in one of the bigger models I saw. Even though I don't really need the larger size everyday, I think the additional power and cup size would be nice to have when we have friends and family over and I have to cook larger meals. Keep that in mind if you decide to go with a mini processor instead of a full size one.